Person diving into a pool that looks like a human face silhouette. Writing in Deep 3rd POV

Writing Deep 3rd Person POV


This course teaches you to write in Deep 3rd point-of-view to create an immersive experience for readers.


Taught by Jody Wallace  $75.00

Deep 3rd point-of-view is a style of writing that creates an immersive experience for readers. Each viewpoint character’s voice and vision drive the scenes, amping up characterization, world building, and setting all at the same time. The experience of the character and the experience of the reader become enmeshed. That means the reader only knows, hears, sees, and feels as that POV character does.

The expectation is that you will be working on your own WIP (work-in-progress) as part of this course.

This course includes how to:

  • Identify deep 3rd POV
  • Write in deep 3rd POV or deepen a shallow POV.
  • Determine which characters get a POV and which ones are written in deep 3rd.
  • Employ Deep 3rd POV to enhance characterization, world building, and setting.
  • Differentiate between character voice(s) vs narrative voice.
  • Use the mechanics of deep 3rd(active voice, removing dialog tags, choosing vocabulary, include internal dialog).

Our Course and Teaching Philosophy

Our Course Discounts for Groups of 4 to 7 participants signing up at the same time.

2022 Open Sections

Tuesdays, February 22 – March 29, February 1, 9:30am PT, 12:30pm ET, 5:30pm GMT – This course is over for this year.

Duration: 6 Weeks, meets every Tuesday at the same time for 90 minutes on Zoom.