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SEO for Authors


This course is specific to the type of SEO that is important for authors and their books. Deliver new readers to your buy pages everywhere.


Everywhere you look people talk about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and it’s importance. It drives the Google search engine. It delivers new readers to your articles, blogs, and website. It can drive people to your books on every sales platform. It is critical in advertising. How you design and use SEO (sometimes called metadata) across different platforms can make or break your sales and discoverability in the long term.

This course is geared specifically to the type of SEO that is important for authors and their books.

You will learn how to:

  • Determine what types of SEO is important to your brand, books, and author profile.
  • Optimize your SEO selections based on the platform, your goals, and driving maximum traffic to your books
  • Capitalize on SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) to drive discoverability.
  • Add SEO to your website to increase first page ranking in Google searches
  • Design and write content for descriptions and blogs that help them rank well and drive traffic back to your website or buy pages.
  • Connect book SEO for your books and your brand

Our Course and Teaching Philosophy

Our Course Discounts for Groups of 4 to 7 participants signing up at the same time.

Current Open Sections

Thursdays 11:00am Pacific, April 21 – June 9 –  This course is over for this year.

Duration: 8 Weeks, meeting every Thursday at the same time for 90 minutes on Zoom