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Communicating to Readers Through Branding


The course will help you create your brand and leverage it across four primary communication portals: text, visual, multi-media, and in-person. The current course is closed. Check back in 2021 for next section.


Before building email lists, blogging, building a website, or engaging in social media an author needs to have a consistent communication plan that makes her and her books recognizable. This foundation is called a brand. Understanding how to build a brand and effectively leverage it over every platform increases discoverability, marketing, and communication options.

Branding is one of those things everyone tells you to do, but no one tells you how to do it. This course well not only tell you how, but it will help you do it across four primary communication portals: text, visual, multi-media, and in-person events.

Specifically you will learn how to:

  • Identify the “experience” readers will have with your books and interacting with you
  • Define the soul of your brand identity
  • Consistently implement your brand identity into all parts of various reader engagement platforms
  • Design a website based on your brand identity
  • Create your media packet
  • Design your blog and outline posts that reflect your brand
  • Attract invitations to Book Groups and Clubs based on your brand

Our Course and Teaching Philosophy

Our Course Discounts for Groups of 4 to 7 participants signing up at the same time.

Current Open Sections

First Week Begins Saturday, November 21, 2020 at 9:00am PT, 12:00pm ET, 5:00pm GMT  This section is full. Check back in 2021 for rescheduling.

Duration: 5 Weeks, meets every week at the same time for 90 minutes on Zoom