The courses offered from POV Author Services are not video courses. They are Zoom courses for 90 minutes each week and limited to only seven participants. This is to provide an opportunity to address specific author needs and modify the kind of information given to match the needs of the participants in that particular section of that course.

However, if you are wondering how I might present information, or what the level of depth is for a typical week in a course, this video courses will give you an idea without all the interaction with me or the other participants. There are six video lessons below, adding up to a total of approximately 2 hours of content. I hope you find it useful.

I do have transcripts for each video. If you would like a copy, please complete the form below the videos and let me know which one’s you need.

Lesson 1

This lesson explores the reasons books don’t sell and what you can do about it. It also provides an overview of the next five topics in this course.

Lesson 2

The saying “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” is nice but turns out not to be true. In our digital world where vendors display covers only in a search, it is the first judgment a reader must make before deciding to click and learn more. What can you do about your cover design?

Lesson 3

Blurbs must do a lot of the heavy lifting in convincing a potential reader that your book is interesting, will fulfill a need, and will be worth the price you’ve set. Blurbs are much more than a plot description or learner objectives. They must deliver the pitch and a call to action to buy the book.

Lesson 4

Reviews aren’t as important as most authors believe. However, having zero reviews or only a few can be the differences between a sale or a pass. How do you get reviews? How many do you need? And does quality count?

Lesson 5

Pricing is an area that many authors don’t do well. Either they under value their work or over value their esteem in the competitive marketplace. Pricing is all about understanding the competition and how your book, and you as an author, fit into that marketplace.

Lesson 6

The “Look Inside” or preview feature is the final piece of a book’s buy page. Not every reader will click on this. It is usually something a reader clicks on because they aren’t yet convinced by the other elements–cover, blurb, reviews, price. The preview must deliver the hook, so the customer feels compelled to read more.

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