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Purchases & Refunds

We use PayPal and Stripe for payment processing. They do not share any information with us except to verify you've paid. If you are having a problem with your payment, please contact PayPal or Stripe.
Request a refund by email State why you are requesting a refund. Refunds for any course must be requested two weeks in advance of the course live date. This is because we limit our courses to only seven participants and have a minimum of three for the course to go. If you drop out at the last minute you may change the ability of the course to continue.
Any discounts are provided via a unique code mailed to you when you are eligible. Because our discounts vary by group or person, you will be emailed the process for claiming those discounts with the unique code. We hope to automate this in the near future, but at the moment it is individual.

Courses and Coaching Sessions

Yes! We understand things come up. Simply send an email to Maggie at with two or three suggested new dates and she will do her best to accommodate you. Please understand that between writing, teaching courses, and coaching she is very busy. It may be that rescheduling possibilities will be up to two weeks away.
No. Once the course is purchased you have access to each weeks recorded 90 minute session for review or if you miss a week. However, it is strongly suggested that you make as many weekly sessions as possible because that is when Maggie takes questions and provides specific feedback to each student in the course.
Any one can take any course they wish. However, there are recommendations regarding where you are in your author career to be able to take full advantage of the immediate implementation of what you are learning. For example, The Advertising course is best to be taken once you have a minimum of two books published (preferably three or more). That is because it is rare that one can see consistent return on investment (ROI) through the advertising of a single book. The exception to this are stand-alone nonfiction books.
We may. If there is demand for courses that Maggie doesn't feel comfortable teaching or arranging a co-teaching situation (e.g., an attorney who understands estate planning for intellectual property, or an editor who teaches better self-editing to save you money before getting to the final edit stage). If the demand for current course sections becomes so high that we need a second teacher, we may search for a person to come on board. It would have to be someone who has an excellent reputation, loves teaching, gained their expertise by actually have an author career, and most importantly the same teaching philosophy practiced here. None of this is something we are worrying about right now.
Yes! The courses are designed to be small for several reasons. More than eight people makes it hard for all participants to have time to speak, ask questions, or share progress within the course timeframe. In addition it is more difficult for Maggie to address the individual needs of the participants within that time frame. We strongly believe that small group teaching is the best way to help individual authors implement what they learn in their own situations. Large groups leave many people behind and that means authors waste their money because they never feel comfortable with implementation.
The learning first takes place during the live Zoom sessions and the live Q&A. However, it continues when you actually implement what you've learned. We don’t assign homework you must complete or read/do prior to the live sessions. We do provide supplemental materials to help you implement more effectively. This includes planning worksheets, tracking spreadsheets, and template files. It is up to you whether you use them or not. Though we recommend you implement what you are learning during the weeks of the course, it is up to you as to when you do it. For example, if you already have a book loaded to Amazon and you learn something about SEO that makes you realize you should change your keywords or your categories, it is up to you whether you do that during the class or at some other date. If you are in the process of building a website, but it won't be ready during the course, you may want to make sure you have a good planner about SEO for your site so that it is easier for you to implement prior to it going live. However, whether that happens during the class or later is completely up to you. One of the reasons we have the added one hour consultation, for only $25 for course students, is that learners are implementing all the time and often after the course has ended. They thought they understood the implementation at the time, but when doing it they find that wasn’t the case. Or perhaps it has been six months between the time you took the class and implemented parts of it. The one-hour consultation allows for that eventuality. You can share your screen and I can talk you through implementation step-by-step. Remember: All the lessons are recorded so you can always go back and listen/watch them again. There are also plenty of handouts to help you make notes about your specific circumstances. I believe those handouts will help you to implement whenever you are ready.
We are always looking to add courses that authors really need. If you have something specific you are looking to learn, please write us at It may be that we know someone else who offers it and it's not something we wish to re-create here. For example, we don't teach authors writing craft skills. There are many people who do that already. Our focus is on the business side of an author's career.

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