How Are Courses Delivered?

Courses are limited to only seven participants. This allows the instructor to personalize every week’s content to the people who have signed up for the course.

Courses are scheduled on a weekly basis via Zoom for the scheduled duration of the course. Zoom is an interactive video  platform that allows the instructor and participants to share screens, ask and answer questions, and troubleshoot problems a participant may be experiencing.

Each weekly Zoom session is scheduled for 90 minutes. Approx. 45 minutes is allowed for the information/lecture portion of the content. The remaining 45 minutes are for student questions regarding their specific personal situations and career. Interaction is expected throughout the entire 90 minutes.

Every Zoom session is recorded and made available to the students in that particular course for review at any time during the first year they take the course. They are not made available to the general public or to other sections of the same course.

For more information go to Course and Teaching Philosophy.