Every author chooses to write for different reasons. Some write to make a point about the world. Some write because they love to tell stories. Some write because they are good at it and want to make enough money to do only that. Some write because it is the primary way their voice is heard over the cacophony of noise in their life, work, or the news cycle.

Every author has different strengths and weaknesses. This means decisions on how to publish well are unique to each author. Point-of-View (POV) Author Services celebrates all these differences. Instead of having one formula to fit every author, we want to help you achieve what you want to achieve in the way that works best for you.

Our teaching philosophy is based on knowledge of adult learning. Adults learn best when they can apply learning directly to their unique situation and can get specific answers to their questions so they can immediately implement the learning. Though hundreds of author instructors are offering video courses that you go through in your own time, we’ve chosen to teach each course or webinar via Zoom. We do that because we want to not only deliver information but to answer questions along the way just like we would in a face-to-face workshop. We want to provide participants specific information for their unique book, circumstance, or decision process.

Zoom webinars are limited to only twenty participants. This is to allow sufficient time for Q&A and individual trouble-shooting as needed. Each Zoom session is scheduled for two hours. It is designed as 30-45 minutes of instruction (depending on the topic), and 15-30 minutes of Q&A and participant interaction. If the interaction time is not sufficient for everyone to participate, I will add an additional 30 minutes for Q&A and interaction at the end, as dictated by the participants.

Every webinar will include:

  • A PDF copy of any slides or info-graphics from the presentations
  • Supplemental material with step-by-step instructions, summaries, or worksheets to help with implementation of the topics
  • Up to one month access to the recorded Zoom session for review.
  • An unedited transcript of the teaching portion of each Zoom class or webinar section will be available for download within 24 hours of the class or webinar session.

For $60 any attendee may schedule a one-hour individual consultation with the instructor

Individual consultations are done via Zoom or phone. This is designed to solve any individual problems you might be having in understanding the topic, decision-making, technical setup, or advising about next steps that you either didn’t feel comfortable asking in the course or didn’t know you needed help until later. If you have questions about this, please contact me.