2024 Change from multi-week courses to single-topic webinars

I've been doing four to twelve week courses for eight years, some in person and many online. Based on participant feedback in the last two years, and what appears to be growing limited time available to writers, in 2024 I'm changing my schedule to instead do two-hour Webinars on limited topics. Each webinar will be only $15. These webinars will still include:

  • Live instruction and participant interaction in real time  This will include Q&A and on-the-spot troubleshooting of your specific situation.
  • Webinar size will be limited to 20 participants. This allows the instructor to be responsive to participant questions and troubleshooting that meets each person's specific needs for their books and author career.
  • Each webinar will be delivered via Zoom. Each 30-45 minutes of instruction will be followed by 15-30 minutes of Q&A.
  • Live closed captions are available to anyone who wants to enable it during the session.
  • Recordings of each session will be available for paying participants for one month following the webinar date. The recordings are not made available to the general public and you will not be allowed to download the recording to your own computer.

Don't know me? Learn more about how I view teaching on my Teaching Philosophy page.

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2024 Writing Craft Webinars Schedule


Choosing What to Write

There are different approaches to the writing life. No one way leads to success. It is important to understand your interests, your style, your goals, and how to set expectations that won’t leave you giving up too soon. Should you write to market? Write what you love? Genre or literary? Fiction or nonfiction?  Short works (stories, essays) or long works (novels, novellas, book length nonfiction)? Some combination of several options? Whether this is your first book or your twentieth, understanding this about yourself is key to a long-term career.  I’ll provide questions to help you make these decisions and discuss how they fit into your life and your goals.
Sunday, April 7, 2-4pm Pacific, 5-7pm Eastern


Plotters, Pantsers and Plantsers

What is your writing style and how to make it work best for you. Too many writers take courses and are forced to fit into a particular mode of approaching their creative output. This webinar helps you analyze your natural creative process and learn how to use it to maximize your productivity. Just remember, you do not have to commit to a specific way for life. Though there may be a “natural” style for your personality, it doesn’t mean you can’t chose to go against the grain. Some writers start off one way and then change after a couple of books. Others might be a pantser for a short story, but a plotter for a novel. Yet others, move back and forth between the two as needed.
Sunday, April 28, 2pm-4pm Pacific, 5pm to 7pm Eastern.


Problem Solving Sticking Points

It is rare that someone sits down and writes a book from beginning to end without getting stuck. Maybe a character takes over your book that you didn’t plan and now you have to rethink the protagonist and the point-of-view. Perhaps the climax happens too quickly and you have to rethink the plot and pacing. If you already have books out, you may be wondering how to put them in series or develop a bridge from one series to another. We will discuss YOUR sticking points and look at options.
Sunday, May 5, 2-4pm Pacific, 5-7pm Eastern


From Finished Manuscript to Published Book

Too often a writer finishes a book, and maybe does a self-editing pass, then moves immediately to publishing it with a quick cover and a blurb that is an essay of plot points. It is easy to do this, but is unlikely to get any readers beyond your closest friends and family. This webinar discusses each step to take, from editing to cover design to blurb writing. We will discuss how to find resources to help you, and what if any costs may be involved to have a quality product to sell.
Sunday, May 19, 2pm-4pm Pacific, 5pm to 7pm Eastern.


NOTE: Additional Webinar offerings for the remainder of the year are being considered. If there is a topic you would like to see, please contact me with your suggestion.




2024 Author Business Webinars Schedule


Organizing Your Writing Products

This topic was suggested by multiple authors who contacted me to create this webinar. We will cover organization and tracking for books, series, chapters, characters, editions, publishing locations, blurbs and metadata. When you have only one book, having an organizational system doesn’t seem necessary. At book 2 and 3 and 4 it starts to become unwieldy. Soon you can’t find where your pages are, where that note to yourself is to make a change, what chapter you’ve already edited, and how to mark book versions, editions, etc. I will provide ideas for your organization based on your writing process, including file naming-conventions, folder naming-conventions, and other details around your publishing process. By understanding how YOUR BRAIN organizes and remembers things, we will come up with a formula that works for you. This is not a one size fits all organizational plan.

This is designed for people who primarily write using Microsoft Word or a similar wordprocessing program. It is not designed for those who use a software program that provides the organization for you e.g., Scrivener, Living Writer, Storyist, etc. However, the section on publishing and metadata organization applies to everyone.
Monday, Jan 29 2-4pm Pacific, 5-7pm Eastern


Basic SEO

There is a lot of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that can be used for searches and discovery. However, most of it is only applicable to those who have a large business presence. This webinar covers an overview of how SEO works and what is absolutely necessary for publishing, distribution, and on your website.
Monday, Feb 12 2-4pm Pacific, 5-7pm Eastern


Distribution Options Pros and Cons

Should you be exclusive or wide? Or some hybrid combination? How widely do you wish to distribute? Pros and cons of aggregators. How to weigh ease of use vs going direct to a distributor? Are you ready for Direct Sales?  If so, what does it take to set it up?
Monday, Feb 26, 2-4pm Pacific, 5-7pm


Designing Your Website

Whether you have a professional build it for you or you do it yourself, you first have to know what you need and how you want to present yourself and your books. Topics covered are: identifying your brand, color story, organizing the site, navigation, and engaging your audience. We will discuss the pros and cons of doing it yourself or paying someone to do the actual website setup. If you decide to hire someone, what to look for and ask before hiring. If you decide to do it yourself, what are the choices of platforms and their pros and cons.
Monday, March 11, 2-4pm Pacific, 5-7pm


Committing to a Launch Plan

It would be lovely if having a good book, a great cover, and an amazing blurb were the key to success. Unfortunately, with over 1 million new books being published every year, most books are never found without a launch plan and at least some basic discoverability marketing. I will give several different launch options based on what you want to spend and what you are willing to do yourself. We will also look at how to leverage pre-release reviews and/or contests as you launch over several months.
Monday, March 25, 2-4pm Pacific, 5-7pm


The Importance of a Newsletter

– You’ve probably heard that reader engagement is key. Everyone thinks of social media for that. However, data shows that the most effective engagement and fan building is a regularly produced newsletter. We will talk about how to determine what to write in a newsletter, how to get it noticed, how often to put it out, and how to determine what your writer “persona” will be for this newsletter. Again, it’s not one size fits all. It must fit who YOU are and how you wish to interact with readers and fans.
Monday, April 15, 2-4pm Pacific, 5-7pm


NOTE: Additional Webinar offerings for the remainder of the year are still being considered and developed. If there is a topic you would like to see, please contact me with your suggestion.


I am currently redesigning my payment processing on this website due to changes in woo commerce. So, for now, please send me an email indicating in which webinars you wish to enroll. I will then invoice you for all that you choose.

For anyone who wishes to purchase 5 or more webinars through one invoice, I will give you a 20% discount off the entire bill.

About Maggie Lynch

Maggie Lynch is the author of 30+ published books, as well as numerous short stories and non-fiction articles. Her books have been both traditionally published and indie published. Her fiction tells stories of people making heroic choices one messy moment at a time. Her adult titles include women’s fiction, romance, suspense, science fiction and fantasy. Her children’s middle-grade and young adult titles include contemporary life and science-fiction/fantasy. Her current non-fiction titles are focused on helping career authors succeed in the business side of writing, publishing, and marketing. Previous non-fiction titles were academic and student-based texts on creating, managing, and using online learning systems.

Maggie’s love of lifelong-learning has garnered degrees in psychology, counseling, computer science, and education. She spent 15 years in Academia teaching university undergraduate and graduate courses in education, psychology, and computer science. In the last decade of her career she served primarily in executive management as a Dean and a CTO. This experience also led to opportunities to consult in the United States, Europe, Australia, Asia, and the Middle East. Since 2013, Maggie and her musician husband have settled in the beautiful Pacific Northwest where she now enjoys the luxury of balancing her love of writing with helping other authors grow their careers.  Maggie is also the founder and CEO of Windtree Press, an independent publishing cooperative with currently more than 300 titles among 36 authors.