Every Class Includes

  • Live instruction and participant interaction in real time, including Q&A and on-the-spot troubleshooting of your specific situation.
  • Course size is limited to only seven participants. This allows the instructor to be responsive to participant questions and troubleshooting that meets each person's specific needs for their books and author career.
  • Each course is delivered weekly in 90-minute installments via Zoom. Approximately 45 minutes is instruction and the other 45 minutes is reserved for questions and personalized mentoring for the participants.
  • Recordings of each session will be available for one full calendar year after course completion. The recordings are not made available to the general public or to other sections of the same course. In this way your questions and progress are only known to those taking the course with you.
  • Any student can opt for a one-hour individual consultation at any time during the course, or in the one month following, for only $25 (instead of the usual $60 rate).

For more detailed information go to the Course and Teaching Philosophy page.

Course Pathways

Though anyone can sign up for any course they wish, we do have recommendations for course groupings based on where you are in your career: courses for those staring out, intermediate courses for those with a couple books behind them, and courses for the mid-list author.

Don’t worry if you don’t fit neatly into one pathway; most authors fall somewhere in between. There are many ways to get to your career goal. Some knowledge and skills may have already come naturally to you or you were able to master them by reading a self-help book. Others may seem to be more elusive or confusing. Choose the pathway that fits you best, or mix and match to fill the holes in your own knowledge and skills.



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Starting Out

If you are about to publish your first book, or perhaps have only one book published, this may be the pathway for you. No matter how much you may have read or heard from other people, most first-timers get half of the information at best. That’s because the way we retain new information is by implementing it. In the beginning, there is a lot to learn and do. You may take these in any order. The recommended sequence reflects one way.

Course Sequence

Foundations Package$78.00 (12 weeks)

SEO For Authors – $85.00 (8 weeks)


Intermediate Courses

If you are writing a series, or you are writing stand-alone nonfiction books, this may be the pathway for you. Usually, when you are about three books into a career, you have a good idea of who you are and what your long-term goals are. That is the best time to begin investing in your brand, forming some opinions and plans around marketing, and really concentrating on building your reader engagement and fan list. This is where most authors’ careers move from inconsistent sales to a more consistent income.

Course Sequence

Building Your Reader Email List – $75 (7 weeks)

Effective Social Media – $65 (7 weeks)


Mid-List Authors and Growing

Often defined as someone with eight or more books in print, a mid-list author will have average annual earnings of between $5,000 and $25,000. Mid-list authors tend to be confident in their writing and their career choices, but they want to move to the next step and haven’t identified a clear path forward. If this describes you, this pathway may be your best choice.

Course Sequence

Revive Your Backlist – $45 (5 weeks)

Audiobook Creation and Sales – $55 (5 weeks)




2021 Course Schedules January-May

Jan 14 – Feb 18 – Revive Your Backlist

March 11 – April 1 – SEO Reboot and Troubleshoot (4 weeks)Only Available to those who already took the SEO Class in 2020

April 8 – June 10 – Foundations (12 weeks)


2021 Course Schedules June – November 2021

June 9 – July 28 – SEO for Authors (8 weeks)

June 24- Aug 5 – Social Media Marketing Course (7 weeks)

Aug 12 – Sept 23 – Build Your Email List (7 weeks)

Sept 30 – Oct 28 – Audiobook Creation and Sales (5 weeks)

Nov 4 – Dec 9  – Revive Your Backlist ( 5 weeks)