Do you find that formatting a book gives you hives? Creates anger issues? Stops you from getting your book published?

Open book with 3D scene of a tree, a pathway, greenery and a tranquil lakeIf so, I can help. Turn it over to me and return to that tranquil feeling, knowing when you open your newly formatted book it will be beautiful and you can upload it to any distribution entity you like.

I use a program called Vellum to do this. It is designed for MAC computers and it creates beautifully formatted books in both ebook and print. There are limitations to what you can do, but because I know this program well I can turn your book(s) around quickly and at a very reasonable price.


$45 for a single title up to 400 pages of narrative text (like fiction or narrative non-fiction) formatted for ebook and print. This assumes a single set of back matter for all vendors.

NOTE: If you have a book that contains more than ten tables and/or 10 images as nonfiction often has, I will quote separately.

EBOOK includes completed files for Nook, Kobo, Apple, Google Play, and Amazon Kindle. It also includes a generic EPUB file that can be loaded to aggregators such as Draft2Digital, Smashwords, Publish Drive, and others.

NOTE: Linking to additional books in back matter. Some authors like to link to specific vendors in their back matter (e.g., to Amazon books in the Kindle file, to Nook books in that file, etc.). The $40 pricing assumes all file linking is the same (e.g., to a UBL or The Buy Page on your website). IF you do want each vendor-specific file to be linked differently the charge is $10 additional per file.

PRINT file is provided in the appropriate PDF format and can be loaded to KDP Print and Ingram Spark without problems. Let me know if you want the print file formatted so all chapters begin on the recto (right hand page) which may generate a blank page in between chapters. OR, if you prefer that only the first chapter begin on the recto and others can follow directly without blank pages. The majority of authors are choosing not to do the blank page recto formatting for all chapters in order to save printing costs. However, both options are available and, in shorter titles (e.g., novellas or novelettes), some authors like the recto formatting to make the book have a few more pages and feel larger.

BOXSETS $10 for up to four vellum files.If I have created the vellum files for the individual books that need to go into the boxset the additional price is only $10 to create the boxset, even if I created those files for you a year or more ago. The price increases in increments of $10 for the next 3-4 books. For example, if you have a seven book boxset, the cost would be $20 assuming I already have those seven files for you done previously.

If I have NOT created the individual book files in Vellum for you, then you need to pay for the creation of the formatted files for each individual book AND the boxset price. For example, for a trilogy that would mean $40 x 3 books + $10 for boxset = $130

What Template Options Does Vellum Provide?

Vellum provides eight templates. The templates provide a cohesive look and feel for chapter headings, fonts, scene breaks, front and back matter, table of contents, and several other types of text you might need to include (e.g, blurbs, quotes, special alignments). The default templates are shown below.

eight vellum template options


In addition to using the above templates, a book can be further personalized with special imagery that is consistent, such as at the beginning of each chapter or a specific image for scene breaks. See a few examples below. Images may be placed within text, above or below text, and in chapter headers. This personalization is included in the formatting price IF you have ownership of the image and it is of appropriate size and density, formatted for greyscale,  for the file types you need.  If you need me to find the image for you and/or size it appropriately I will quote you an additional charge (ranging from $10-$25) depending on what I perceive as the amount of time it will take me to locate and purchase the image and size it appropriately.


If you are interested in using my services, or have questions, please send a query to me via the contact form on this website. If you know me personally, you already have my email and can send me a direct email with your questions. If you want to look at my formatting work Click the link to the book titles below. It will open a PDF sample, with a chapter or two to show the different options authors have selected.

A Mystery/Suspense, An Unholy Fellowship by Tom McConnell uses a full page map at the beginning and unique scene breaks, but maintains a clean, stark narrative look.

Romance, Motorcycle Club series, Show Me the Honey by Cathryn Cade, with a consistent chapter header and scene breaks, yet a romantic feel with italicized drop caps.

A Women’s Fiction book with an example of a dual-page full image, Last Week at the Palace by Janis Williams

A nonfiction example with tables, screenshots, subtitles and other typical things found in nonfiction. A chapter from Secrets Every Author Should Know by Maggie Lynch