There are some services almost all authors choose not to do for themselves. It could require a skill they don’t have or take more time than they’re willing to spend. Even if you’re on a tight budget, paying to have these tasks handled by a professional can be a wise expenditure.

I offer an array of services, many of which you won’t usually see at the typical Virtual Assistant sites. I’ve chosen these based on the feedback I’ve received from so many of my author friends. They are services meant for career authors—those who have or plan to have several books in print and intend to make a good income on their products. These authors understand the need for effective marketing, for good SEO, and, most of all, the importance of quality in the presentation of their books to the world.

Formatting - $45+ to create an interior print book and full ebook.

This includes files for loading ebooks to Amazon, Apple, Nook, Kobo, Google Play, and any ebook aggregator. The print book interior file is a PDF that can be loaded to Ingram Spark, KDP Print, or any independent print distributor. Learn More about pricing and the entire formatting package.

Load a Book to Vendors and/or Aggregators – $25 per vendor or aggregator.

I will load your book to any of the following vendors and aggregators. This assumes you have accounts set up at each one.

Vendors Aggregators
Amazon Draft2Digital (D2D)
Apple Smashwords
Nook Publish Drive
Google Play StreetLib



Book Load Package Deal – $95 for loading to all five vendors and Draft2Digital for ebook, then print book to Amazon Print and Ingram Spark.


Vendors Aggregator
Amazon Draft2Digital (D2D)
Google Play


Advertising Design – $125 per platform

This includes a 45-minute phone or Zoom call to discuss your advertising goals. I do the research on your competition, then I create the ad copy, two suggested graphics, and suggested targeting options with daily bidding amounts and length of the campaign.

I do Ad design for:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Amazon Sponsored Ads (this doesn’t include a graphic because Amazon requires you to use your book cover as the graphic)
  • BookBub Ads

NOTE: This pricing does NOT mean I put the design on the platform. If you need someone to physically put your advertising campaign on the platform, we can talk. I am open to running short campaigns (e.g., for a book launch or a price promotion or setting up an ongoing mailing list builder) for authors.   Contact me with your email to discuss this option further. I’ll set up a 30 minute Zoom conference to determine what you need, what the cost of running the campaign for you would be, and if I’m the right person for you.

Advertising Package Deal – $300.00

I design ads for all three platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Amazon
  • BookBub


It is rare that an author handles everything in her business on her own. In fact, I would say it is unwise to do things you have neither the time nor the talent to do well. There are three things I consistently hire out and have from the beginning of my independent career: 1) accounting/taxes; 2) cover design and other complicated graphics; and 3) editing.

Am I capable of doing all these things? Yes, I’ve done them all competently. But I need better than that level to compete well and position myself for maximum profit. I’ve learned that just because I can doesn’t mean I should do it.

Website Design, Re-design, and Maintenance

Design Works NW logo

If you need a new website, or a redesign on your current one, I can confidently refer you to Rick Cano of DESIGNWORKS NW. He and his team are WordPress specialists. They come with excellent design credentials, yet their prices are quite reasonable. I interviewed over 12 designers before I chose them for my own author site. Their business model is to help small businesses. Customer service is excellent. Here are some highlights of DESIGNWORKS NW services:

  • Web Design and Development, including FREE hosting for 12 months – Monthly payment options available
  • Web Maintenance and Security, including content updates – Monthly payment options available
  • On Page SEO – SEO Audit and Health report for free if you sign up for monthly On Page SEO service. (The audit can be purchased separately as well)



Even though I have over 26 books published, I still use a professional developmental editor for my fiction. I also use a line editor/proofreader for both fiction and nonfiction. By the time I’ve drafted and self-edited my books I can no longer see the problems. Here are two editors I can recommend. They are both excellent and reasonably priced.

red circle ink logo

Red Circle Ink – Jessa Slade aka Elsa Jade is a USA Today Bestselling author in Science-Fiction Romance. She has published traditionally with series at Harlequin and Signet, and has also self-published extensively. With over 60 titles to date, she knows the struggles writers have with story, craft, and launching every book. She has also won the RWA editing award twice, so that tells you something about the quality of her work. Jessa has been my developmental editor for several years. Her attention to story has been key in keeping me delivering those reader cookies so my fans keep coming back.

Gilded Hearts Publishing Services – Christy Carlyle is a USA Today Bestselling author in Historical Romance. She has published several series with Avon and also has multiple titles self-published. She is a former English teacher, and has been freelance editing for both small publishers and individual authors for nearly a decade. She really knows her stuff, can breakdown a story quickly, and is very good at articulating where changes need to be made.

Cover Design

This job really takes a professional, in particular someone who understands your genre and what’s popular today. Make sure to choose someone who keeps up with changes in Photoshop and delivers on time and within budget regularly. I have two designers I continue to work with. However, only one of them is taking on new clients.

Gilded Hearts Publishing Services – Gilded Hearts has done many of my book covers over the years. Christy offers both premade covers for those with a small budget and custom covers for those needing more. What I like about Christy’s design sense is her use of color, shading, and light. She is a true Photoshop professional. Here are three contemporary fantasy covers she designed for my Forest People series. The first one in the series has received more compliments than any cover across my 26 titles.

cover images for the Forest People Series by Maggie Lynch